I feel like every time I write about fashion it’s a “wear this” or “buy this instead of that” (here, here, and here) kind of post, so today I’m going to try something new and talk about what you should NEVER, EVER wear (please) and the trends that we all tried and now need to be erased from our memory…and our tagged Facebook pictures…so we don’t get kidnapped by Stacy London and Clinton Kelly and end up on TLC’s What Not to Wear


I get that there are some girls that can pull off pretty much anything and make it look chic (Olivia Palermo, duh) but let’s face it, you are NOT one of those girls…and neither am I.  People always say “it’s about how you feel in an outfit” and “it’s all about confidence” but I don’t care if you feel like Karlie Kloss strutting down the runway – if your outfit is ugly, it’s going to look ugly, regardless of the fact that you have as much confidence as Kanye West when he steps out on stage.

Now I’m not saying don’t be confident, because I totally believe that self confidence is extremely important, but be self aware and realistic.  Those platform sneakers don’t make you look like an off duty model, you look like a sad, lonely, forgotten Spice Girl.


So with that in mind, here are my least favourite looks and trends that I hope disappear into the abyss forever…and ever…and I’m sure Stacy and Clinton…and Posh Spice would agree.

{ Gladiator Sandals: You look like you’re wearing a Hercules Halloween Costume }


{ The High Low Skirt: It is also called the “Mullet Skirt”, enough said }


{ Cut Outs: Leave something to the imagination ladies }



{ Culottes: AKA the stumpy & frumpy short pants }


{ Platform Sneakers: We all wanted to be a Spice Girl at one point, but it’s time to let that dream die }



{ Patterned Leggings: Let’s face it, these are only flattering on about 0.01% of the population. Save this look for sleep and fitness wear }


{ Slouchy Boots: The cold weather equivalent to Crocs }


Any trends that you really hate that I missed? Let me know!

PS. The only ugly trend I’m not willing to sacrifice…BIRKENSTOCKS


{ Birkenstock Arizona Slide Sandal – available here }

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

SHOES : Birkenstocks Sandals



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