To Splurge or To Save: Sunless Tanner

The point of my ‘To Splurge or To Save’ series is to find binge worthy items, at budget friendly prices, but sometimes the product is actually worth the extravagant price tag. This St.Tropez Sunless Tanning Mousse is one of those products that are worth digging our pennies nickels out of the couch cushions for. It goes on evenly, dries in 60 seconds, and leaves a natural looking, sun kissed glow.


I think a lot of people are scared of sunless tanners, and think of that Friend’s scene where Ross gets stuck in the tanning booth, and before St. Tropez I was definitely one of those sunless tanner skeptics because the only thing worse than having legs so pale they glow in the dark, is orangey and streaky stems.


Of course, just like with any other sunless tanner, exfoliating and shaving before application is a must, and moisturizing elbows, knees, hands and heels ensures that the colour will be distributed evenly and beautifully.  I also highly recommend purchasing the St.Tropez reusable application mitt to keep your hands clean!

Trust me ladies, you wont regret splurging on this product and you will be getting compliments on your skin’s faux glow faster than you can say…


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