What I Know For Sure

It seems like just yesterday that I started Chapter Three, as a salute to the sentiments that I was embarking on a new a third chapter of my life.  I had just graduated from University, moved to a new city, and at 22 it felt like I had everything figured out.  Well three years, another degree and a new career later, and just days away from turning 25, I can tell you I don’t have much figured out (other than how to pretend I’m an adult, the do’s and don’ts of Instagram, that tanned fat looks better than white fat, and that trends really do go out of style)  but I am learning valuable lessons along the way.


Here is what I know now, that I didn’t know back then… let’s call this Chapter 25:

  1. I mean I’ve always known money doesn’t grow on trees (or magically appear in my account from the ‘Bank of D.A.D.’ anymore) but did you know you actually have to get up at 7am every day and go to work for 8 hours and earn it. Every single day. Five days a week. Then you only get two days off and have to do it all over again. Who came up with this schedule, Satan? I’m seriously one Monday morning away from packing up and moving to the Netherlands.


  1. Surrounding yourself with great friends, especially girlfriends, is extremely important and only becomes more so as we get older and life becomes more and more complicated, but did you know you actually don’t have to be friends with people you don’t like? #shocking
  2. I’ve learned to accept my body and all its curves and imperfections by now, but at this age to even maintain this mediocracy takes a lot of work, a lot of spin classes, and a lot of kale and quinoa, and unfortunately, very few carbs.


  1. Wrinkles are no joke and if you haven’t started using a Retinol cream by the time you cross the mid-twenties mark you’re pretty much screwed. If you’re like me, still getting teenage pimples and already getting adult wrinkles, well then basically you’re f#cked.
  2. It’s important to set standards for yourself and know what you deserve, whether it’s in terms of a relationship, career, or something more trivial, but then when you actually get that raise, land your dream job, or find an amazing boyfriend it’s okay to embrace it and not feel like you’re not good enough to deserve those great things.Snooki-crying-saying-I-dont-deserve-this-right-now-GIF.gif
  1. Investing in quality, timeless, and classic pieces for your home and your wardrobe instead of dropping cash on cheap, trendy items will save you money in the long run, but obviously you still need to swing by Forever21 for a cute new dress for a GNO.
  2. The value of our minds, bravery, senses of humour, courage, and kindness will always trump a thigh gap. Complement each other on things that actually matter, because beauty fades (see #4) but your brain and your character are forever.

Happy learning everyone!

xo Em




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