On September 29th I lived “A Day in the Life” on Snap Chat (@imemennett), documenting my every move for a full 24 16 hours (need that full 8 hours of beauty sleep, duh!). I knew that some of my followers friends would find this super annoying, but I thought the idea of the project was super interesting – five young female professionals, from different cities, with different careers and different lifestyles, documenting their day on Snap Chat. Well it turns out that one girl totally forgot and another had a personal emergency to deal with, so the whole project was kind of a total #fail.


Now sharing a glimpse of my life on social media certainly wasn’t a novel concept – you’re talking to a girl who usually shares a daily Instagram post and several a couple dog-filter snap chats – but sharing my every move with hundreds of people judging watching me led to some interesting conversations and important life lessons.

Put things in perspective

Although the ‘Day in the Life Project’ didn’t work out as planned, it started an interesting conversation among my girlfriends. On the same day that I got some disappointing news about a media event I had been working on for months, my best friend had to perform a root canal on a scared and restless young patient and my other #BFF who teaches kindergarten, and is responsible for 30 screaming five year olds, had a kid in her class run away.

Hearing about the challenges that my girlfriends face in their professional lives really helped put things for me in perspective and made what I was losing sleep over seem so insignificant in the grand scheme of things. We all experience stress at different levels and in different forms – it is so important not to sweat the small stuff, to learn from your mistakes, and to treat others with care and respect because you never know what challenges they are facing in their day to day lives.


Stay connected

Posting on social media is part of my daily routine, from sharing my first #PSL of the season, to my #OOTD, I am pretty active on Snap Chat, Instagram and Facebook on a daily basis, but posting EVERYTHING, all day was seriously exhausting. What made it worth it was how much I connected with the people tuning into my snaps. An old friend messaged me to find out what I was listening to on Spotify and we caught up for hours, and when I was ready to skip the gym I saw a girlfriend’s ‘en route to the gym’ snap and forced myself to go join her and get my sweat on (and a good gossip sessions of course!). There is so much negative commentary about how our generation uses these social platforms but if a dog-filter snap reconnects you with an old friend, a face-swap makes you laugh on a hard day, or a friend’s gym selfie helps you achieve your fitness goals I say KEEP CALM AND SNAP ON.


Keep it real

As I snapchatted my day away it was so hard not to check in on the other girls’ feeds to see what they were up to. Had they been to the gym already while I was putting it off? Did they have a fabulous night planned while the girls and I were at my place in sweats getting takeout? There will always be someone who has a nicer apartment, has a cooler job, or had a better Friday night than you. All you can do is keep it real, live your best life, and stay away from playing the comparison game – it’s a dangerous one.


As I have mentioned before, it is natural for people to only show the ‘highlights’ of their life on social media – the lattes, the avocado toast and fresh flowers – and skip over the three hour meetings, traffic jams, and Saturday mornings spent hungover in bed instead of at the farmers’ market. But it is so important not to compare our lives to the highlight reel of someone else’s.  I love home decor, pretty stationary, and the dog filter on Snap Chat, but there is so much more to me, to all of us, than that.

Happy snapping everyone!

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