My Christmas Wish List

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to anyone when I talk about how much I love Christmas. From shopping for the perfect gifts, to the sparkly décor, to spending time with family and friends, the holiday season is basically everything I love all wrapped up into one pretty package, tied with a big, beautiful, red bow.


With Christmas Day less than month away I am in full holiday spirit mode. As I type this I’ve got a Christmas candle lit (called JOY and smells like peppermint and marshmallows), Michael Bublé’s ‘Let It Snow’ playing on my stereo, and a cup of hot chocolate in hand, so naturally I’ve been thinking about what’s on my wish list this year.

Each Christmas since I started this blog I have done a gift guide (here, here, and here) so my friends and family get me exactly what I want to inspire people to get into the holiday spirit, provide some guidance to the men in our lives, and to share some of my best purchases from the past year that I think others might enjoy as well.  As I browse my Pinterest boards and my bookmarked webpages it is becoming more and more clear that there are immense differences this year between what I want and what I actually need.

I mean I know I’m not falling asleep on Christmas Eve anymore hoping Santa brings me Cinderella Barbie and a GAP fleece, but at what point in my life did I stop wishing for Victoria Secret pajamas and another a Michael Kors watch, but actually wishing for practical gifts like a Kitchen Aid Mixer and a spice rack?

So without further ado, here’s what’s on my wish list for Christmas 2015:

What I Really Need: License Plates ($68)

I’ve had the same license plates since I started driving at 16, and needless to say they are extremely worn.  The letters are literally hanging onto the plate by a thread and it desperately needs to be replaced but I just haven’t been able to bring myself to spend almost $70 on something so mundane.

What I Actually Want: Laurel Collar Necklace – BaubleBar ($68)


What I Really Need: Spice rack ($26)

My kitchen has very limited cupboard space so having a bunch of spices take over my storage space is becoming a real hassle.  I like this sleek spice rack that can hang over my stove and save me space in my crammed kitchen, but seriously asking for a spice rack for Christmas is is like admitting that I would actually rather stay in on a Friday night than rage at a club downtown until 3am, AKA. SUPER LAME

What I Actually Want: Buxom Lip Polish ($23)


What I Really Need: Health insurance ($996/year)

I turn 25 in four months which means I will no longer be covered under my parents’ health insurance and will have to pay for my own prescriptions, dental care, medical coverage, etc. and that stuff can add up! Let’s all take a moment and pray that I can land a job with benefits and health coverage.

What I Actually Want: Samsung NX3000 Mirrorless Camera ($499)


What I Really Need: Vacuum $259

I really need a vacuum.  I have a shag rug in my living room and there is really no telling what gems are hiding in there.  I am currently using a hand held dust-buster while crawling around on my hands and knees while wearing my old volleyball knee pads.  In other words: it’s not working.

What I Actually Want: Rebecca Minkoff ‘Avery’ Crossbody Bag ($244)


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