Listen Up Fellas: The 6 Types of Girls to Avoid

My guy friends are always coming to me for a female’s perspective when they need advice about dating texting.  I like to think it’s because they see me as a smart, level headed and self-aware woman, but maybe they just think crazy knows crazy #whoknows.  There are so many articles out there that warn girls about the kinds of guys to stay away from on the dating scene (aka Mr. Insecure, The Ladies Man, and Still Lives with His Parents Guy). As a gal with some great male friends I have decided to take it upon myself to identify the kinds of girls our dear friends should stay away from.


Full disclosure: each of these “girls” were inspired by women my guy friends have dated, ladies I know, my own dating texting experience, and even some of my closest friends (you know who you are).

Gentlemen, you’ve been warned!

  1. The Desperate Housewife

This is the girl who is always willing to hangout and will change her plans at the drop of a hat for the possibility of making out hanging out with her crush.  She is always the one to initiate the conversation and hangouts, responds to every text in record time and is guilty of sending multiple, consecutively unanswered text messages #eek


  1. The Sweetheart

This is the sweetheart who gives every guy a fair shot regardless of their opening line, physical appearance, career status, or Tinder profile pic.  She is a hopeless romantic, thinks there could be potential with anyone and everyone and is always looking for Mr. Right even if they are so, so wrong.   She believes the “sorry I passed out” text and is always the first to apologize.

  1. The Athlete

It’s all about games for this girl and she sure knows how to play them.  She plays hard to get, sends calls to voicemail then immediately sends a snapchat, instagrams photos with a new bro every weekend, and ignores texts for days only to respond with the perfect one liner.  She acts like she couldn’t care less which seems to make the boys care a whole lot more.  Think Kristin Cavallari circa Laguna Beach Season 2 with an iPhone.


  1. The Wedding Planner

This girl is planning her wedding, naming babies and practicing her new signature after a first date.  She responds to every text with a short novel and has probably already updated her Facebook relationship status after a week of texting #runforthehills

  1. The Sexter

She puts out over text before actually putting out, makes dirty jokes and insinuates sex at every opportunity, The Sexter has been known to send sexually suggestive snapchats, instagram scantily clad mirror selfies and is the queen of the “sexy text”.


  1. The Ice Queen

The Ice Queen never responds with more than one sentence, if she even responds at all.  She always seems annoyed, has no time for small talk and replies ‘K’ to 70 per cent of all text messages.

Happy Dating Texting Everyone!